Philosophy of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

Education Based on the Philosophy of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

Nursing activities are based on the understanding that all humans, from patients with illnesses to those in good health, are constantly changing due to outside factors (such as pathogens, environmental pollution, and human relationships) and internal factors (such as bodily and mental characteristics, growth, aging); and on the recognition of the need to place importance on each individual's condition for improvement, maintenance, and promotion of functions. Based on this, the aim of nursing activities is to raise the quality of life (QOL) of each individual, and at the same time, to raise the level of health of local communities as a whole. With the pursuit of these aims at its foundation, the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care holds as its philosophy the creation of a nursing science that gives back to society through undergraduate education and research results, meets the needs of the times, and takes a leadership role in the fields of health, medical care, and welfare.

Education in line with this philosophy has as its goal cultivation of the following qualities in students:

  1. Incorporate a spirit of respect for life and human dignity as a basic ethic; have a balanced character as a person; and cultivate the soil where one can grow as a member of society.
  2. Acquire sound judgment, the ability to solve problems, and practical skills.
  3. Make full use of nursing knowledge and techniques to create new places of nursing activity, and attain the basic abilities necessary to contribute to the development of health, medical care, and welfare.
  4. Strive to systemize nursing science through practical application and research of nursing science, and furthermore, interact with other areas of academia to develop nursing as a practical science.