Message from the Dean

Pioneering the Future of Nursing with the Spirit of Independence and Self-Respect


Kiyoka Nozue
Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

Nursing education at Keio University has a history of over 100 years. Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, the first Dean of the School of Medicine, emphasized the importance of the role of nursing in medical care, and in 1918, the year after the founding of the Department of Medicine, the Department of Medicine Nurse Training Center was established. After being succeeded by the Women's School of Welfare and Junior College of Nursing, the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care was established in 2001 as the ninth faculty of Keio University. Nursing science, which serves as the educational pillar of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, is a science of practice that protects the life and health of people to enable them to live out their lives to the fullest and supports their quality of life by enhancing the abilities of each individual. We hope that students will cultivate a rich sensitivity and humanity that respects life and diverse values, as well as solid professional nursing skills.

In recent years, health issues have become increasingly complex with the declining birthrate and accelerating aging population. On the other hand, medical technology has progressed dramatically as AI and IoT have been utilized to advance the field of telemedicine. As healthcare becomes more pervasive in people's lives, the roles and systems of nursing are likely to diversify in the future. Furthermore, as healthcare becomes more globalized, there is an increasing need to solve healthcare issues that transcend national boundaries. We hope that all of our students will have the ability to think flexibly and innovatively and become leaders who will pioneer the future of nursing from an international perspective.

Students in the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care will study at Shonan Fujisawa Campus and at Shinanomachi Campus, where they can have the advantage of studying at two campuses and taking courses offered by other faculties. The Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care also offers programs that make use of the strengths of a comprehensive university, such as the Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Program among the School of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, and Faculty of Pharmacy, as well as faculty-based overseas language programs and short-term study abroad programs for nursing students from abroad. There are also many opportunities for students to interact both domestically and internationally, and a full range of scholarship programs are available. Although the faculty has many required subjects, student club activities are also quite active. We hope that you will take full advantage of the various opportunities and resources available to you, challenge yourself to experience the unknown, deepen your personal network, and enjoy your student life to the fullest. Your time at university is a transitional period until you become psychologically, socially, and financially independent. It is a time to learn about who you are and create the core of your life. Please spend your student life proactively with a spirit of independence and self-respect, and carefully nurture yourself as the one and only person you are. The faculty and staff of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care will do our best to support all of you.