Five Elements to be Nurtured

In order to develop graduates who are able to respond to the rapidly evolving nursing and medical care and the changing environment that envelops it, the core of the curriculum is designed to nurture the following five elements:

1. A firm foundation of people skills

Students are trained to have a broad interest in society, have a grasp of recent phenomena in the context of history, and have the skills to effectively interact with people for mutually positive outcomes.

2. Expertise in nursing and medical care

The ability to lead the nursing and medical care fields by responding to the changes of the times, changes in the medical and insurance systems, and needs of people, will be developed.

3. The ability to collaborate and cooperate

The ability to adapt to advanced medical care, and the ability to use learned skills while working within a team of various specialists will be nurtured.

4. Fundamental abilities necessary for conducting activities in a global arena

A global perspective and the ability to be active on the global stage in the future will be developed.

5. A foundation for creating change

The ability to identify problems, or potential problems, in nursing and medical care or in society as a whole, and resolve those problems while judging order of priority will be nurtured.
These five elements to be nurtured will be acquired through the curriculum, which consists of the four areas of Human and Social Sciences Area, Health Science Area, Nursing Science Area, and Integrated Area.